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Event Design

We craft our designs with your event objectives and your audience in mind. We believe in a people-first approach; our customized visuals and graphic designs are specifically created to both attractive and effective in capturing your audience's heart and mind, setting that important mood and tone that ensures your event or campaign will be an engaging and successful one. From EDMs, brochures and web banners to logos, backdrops and full spatial designs, we create a powerful visual experience that takes your audience on a captivating journey that has them connect with you and your brand on a whole new level. 


Are you ready to take your event to the next level? Let us design the way for you.



Booklet & Brochure Design Services


Perhaps you're celebrating a company anniversary, or you've got a prestigious event with a line-up of performances and activities for your most important clients. What better way to commemorate your anniversary or impress your clients than with a custom-designed anniversary yearbook and brochure, or classy programme booklet? We craft customized graphics, layout and visual content for your booklets and brochures. Our designs are specifically tailored to your needs and your audience's profile - there's no better way to up the ante for your event! 

Invitation Card & EDM Design Services

Flyer Poster Mockup 01 - originalmockups

Imagine receiving an invitation card to an event in the mail, and an EDM invitation in your email. You take one look and you're transported to a different place, a new era, a world of enchanting possibilities. You eagerly send in your RSVP - you won't be missing this event, for sure! 

The success of your event happens from the beginning, with your invitation or EDM. As veterans in the event and design arenas, our invitation and EDM designs are specially customized to hook your audiences from the start. Chat with us for an attractive, creative and powerfully effective invitation or EDM design today.  

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