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Impactful Copywriting and Graphic Design for EDMs, Invitation Cards & Posters


Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a specially-customized envelope. You rip it open and hold in your hands an invitation card to an event. The eye-catching design of the card, paired with its impactful writing, immediately transports you to a different place, a new era, a world of enchanting possibilities. You eagerly send in your RSVP - you won't be missing this event, for sure!

The success of every event happens right from the start, with your invitation card, EDM or event poster. As veterans in the event and design arenas, we specialise in customized graphic designs and effective copywriting that effortlessly hook your audiences from the start. Our invitation cards, EDMs and poster designs and copywriting are crafted specifically for your event theme, your audience and your objectives. We believe in the power of visual and narrative storytelling, and our designs and copywriting weave together a consistent and powerful package to entice and engage your audiences from the beginning.

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